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  • Introducing App Studio - (01:59) View description

    In addition to the wealth of native apps and tools, Eikon provides access to a global library of specialist 3rd party apps. These include advanced charting, pricing calculators, unique datasets and cutting edge analytics. Watch this short video to learn more.

  • RegDoc Repository App - (02:18) View description

    RegDoc Repository is an app designed by Cleversoft that provides pre-trade regulatory documents for PRIIPs of third party manufacturers. If you sell structured products, OTC Derivatives, mutual funds or exchange traded derivatives to clients, RegDoc Repository makes it easy to have the right more regulatory document available.

  • WizCorp App - (03:36) View description

    The WizCorp App provides access to a continually updated database of key information on almost two million private companies in India. The app also contains Premium information and comparative financials for more than 25,000 credit rated Indian companies.

  • WindoTrader App - (02:58) View description

    The WindoTrader App is a trading decision support tool that generates key information based on the Market profile and Volume Analytics. It helps you create more alpha by answering two important questions: what is the market’s directional bias and what is its conviction.

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  • BizQualify App - (03:32) View description

    BizQualify™ (“BQ™”) leverages filings with the IRS and Department of Labor that pertain to employee benefit plans. The source filings are audited, cash-based, traceable, and updated monthly. BQ provides growth, profitability, and credit factors on U.S. public companies; more and core firmographics, growth trends, and credit indicators on U.S. private companies, covering over 12 million businesses having over 20 million locations.

  • The Black App - (05:07) View description

    Gain a competitive advantage with real-time short interest data that is 6x more accurate than the competition and let’s you accurately understand bearish bets, price action, market conviction and benchmark financing rates.

  • TAB Dashboard App - (05:05) View description

    TAB Dashboard facilitates access to one of the fastest growing market segments – the global alternative finance market. TAB Dashboard interprets billions of data points from thousands of crowd funding and marketplace lending platforms.

  • Mango Charts App - (2:00) View description

    Mango Charts displays LiveSquawk’s macro news feed on a live chart with colour coded topics and future calendar events for easy understanding of today’s major moves, key stories and scheduled releases.

  • VolmasterFX App - (04:34) View description

    Developed and supported by Volmaster BV, the Volmaster FX app is an advanced pricing and simulation tool for FX derivatives. Coverage includes second generation exotics, such as Tarfs and Faders.

  • Newsful App - (02:51) View description

    Newsful reads the news for you. Instantly see what news drives share price change helping you to make better decisions.

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  • SIA Bookbuilding App - (05:09) View description

    Developed and supported by SIA S.p.A, SIA Bookbuilding is an App designed to give you the power to use the ECM book building centralized system directly through the Eikon platform.

  • FXVolQuant App - (03:54) View description

    Developed and supported by, the FXVolQuant app is a data-driven insights, analytics and strategy alerts platform for FX and FX derivatives traders.

  • The PariDepth App (Australia/ New Zealand ONLY) - (03:07) View description

    Use the PariDepth app to access full depth of market, track and monitor your orders and history for AUSTRALIAN and NEW ZEALAND companies ONLY!!. Also track shareholding information and changes over a period of time. Watch this video to learn more.

  • TrendsetterFX App - (03:23) View description

    The app provides real-time trading strategies on G7 currencies, Cross & Asian currencies as well as spot gold and silver. Backed by concise market analyses and relevant market moving news.

  • ValueAt – Portfolio Analytics App - (04:56) View description

    ValueAT is a Portfolio Intelligence App comprising of Multi Asset portfolio performance, attribution and risk analysis

  • Seasonax app - (03:20) View description

    Easily identify and evaluate seasonal patterns. Seasonax applies Dimitri Specks unique seasonality algorithms to Thomson Reuters data obtaining detailed analysis in seconds.

  • Wall Street Horizon Corporate Events - (04:05) View description

    Wall Street Horizon´s Enchilada combines the most accurate and comprehensive forward-looking and historical corporate event datasets into one customizable online application. It helps you to avoid surprises, save time, and make more informed investment decisions.

  • SavaNet - (03:03) View description

    Value companies using the most accurate and extensive long-term valuation series and price targeting tools available in the marketplace

  • AlphaShapes by RoZetta Technology - (02:51) View description

    AlphaShapes by RoZetta Technology is a unique visualization tool for analyzing the relative value of constituents in global equity indices. In this video discover how to use this app to compare data easily, visually and rapidly, so you can make informed decisions faster.

  • Analyze Your Portfolios: Everysk Dashboards - (03:36) View description

    Everysk Dashboards is a front office portfolio diagnostic tool that’s secure and simple to use. It provides fast, actionable insights. You’ll understand in seconds if your portfolio is vulnerable to major events. Take a look at this video to learn more about the power of this 3rd more Party App.

  • Oddup - (03:50) View description

    Oddup provides comprehensive ratings of startups and lets you compare listed companies to startups. View the startup’s Oddup score and read our analyst’s perspective on the startup’s future valuation and its exit potential. This can help you make an informed decision on which more startup to invest in.

  • Astec Short Interest Analytics by FIS - (03:40) View description

    Astec Short Interest features proprietary market data from the global securities lending industry, the prerequisite for shorting. Discover how the short side of the market is viewing securities, and apply this insight to diverse tasks such idea and strategy generation, risk management, and more trade execution. Watch this video to find out how.

  • FactEntry Credit Corporate Actions App - (2:00) View description

    Fact Entry provides a robust announcement monitoring service covering Fixed Income issuers in the global markets featuring over 51 thousand entities and over 250 corporate action types. Learn how to access and use this valuable tool.

  • Real-time ESG data: Insight360 in Eikon - (04:35) View description

    Explore the benefits of real-time ESG data.

  • Tradesignal App - (03:05) View description

    The Tradesignal chart is a subscription based app which offers Thomson Reuters Eikon users a powerful technical analysis charting tool. It allows you to visualize, test and validate trading ideas in real time. Learn how to use and access this valuable tool.

  • ECHO by Infinigon Group - (02:18) View description

    ECHO delivers actionable information and sentiment captured from social media and shows the correlation with real-time stock prices. The app serves a range of participants in North American equity markets.

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