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  • Monitor Economic Indicators - (03:50) View description

    The Economic Monitor (EM) offers comprehensive real-time economic coverage and lets you see what’s affecting the markets and impacting your trading. Discover how to access and use this app.

  • The Macro Explorer App (MACROX) View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • Getting Started With The Macro Explorer App (03:10)
    • Creating a Screen and Exporting Tables (03:23)
    • Visualizing Trajectories and Trends (03:02)
    • Filtering on Sectors and Securities (01:42) more
    • Using the Real-Time Monitor (01:25)

  • Price FX Options View description

    The FX Options calculator(FXOC) in Thomson Reuters Eikon allows you to price vanilla and exotic options as well as multi-leg strategies, using sophisticated algorithms and high quality market data. This brief module explores the FX Options calculator and discusses basic and advanced functionality.

  • FX Volatility Explorer - (06:07) View description

    The FX Volatility Explorer(FXVE) provides essential tools for visualization and analysis of the FX volatility surface for one currency pair.