Learn the Essentials (7)

  • Getting Started with Thomson Reuters Eikon View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • Eikon Quick Start (02:50)
    • About the Eikon Toolbar (01:59)
    • Explore the Eikon Menu (02:22)
    • Using the Search Box to Find Tools and Data (03:51) more
    • Managing your Workspace (03:13)
    • Linking Apps (01:00)
    • Get the Most out of Eikon Messenger (02:40)
    • Getting Help and Support (02:20)

  • Asset Management: The Essentials - (05:09) View description

    Discover how Thomson Reuters Eikon version 4 gives you the competitive edge and empowers you to get better ideas to market faster.

  • Using the Briefcase in Eikon View description

    This module shows you how to save news stories, research documents, filings and events to My Briefcase (BRIEF), and access them anytime anywhere. (4:11)

  • Datastream Charting in Eikon View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • About Datastream Charting (02:12)
    • Working with Datastream Chart Studio (DSCHART) (02:25)
    • Exploring Chart Studio (02:19)
    • Apply Datatypes, Currencies and Functions (03:08) more
    • Changing Chart Settings and Line Styles (02:00)

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  • The Routines and Slideshow Apps (RTNE) - (04:59) View description

    Learn how to monitor instruments within a Portfolio or List, and automate repetitive tasks. To save time and increase productivity you can choose from a library of preset routines or build your own with customized navigation.

  • Discover Watchlist Pulse - (02:20) View description

    In this video discover how Watchlist Pulse (PULSE) brings together Thomson Reuters proprietary content and analytics to make it easier for you to identify what will have an impact on your coverage list today. Total Running Time: 3:43

  • Monitor your Portfolios and Lists - (05:44) View description

    Watch this video to learn how to set up the Monitor app (MON) to keep track of your portfolios and lists in one place. The Monitor app supports all asset classes, is easy to set up and provides powerful new display formats that let you visualize real time performance.

Quick Reference Cards (14)

Key Content for Asset Management (10)

  • ESG Data in Thomson Reuters Eikon NEW! View description

    Environmental, social and governance, or so called E-S-G issues, are becoming more important to investors looking to identify long-term opportunities and risks for companies. Thomson Reuters Eikon covers the full range of ESG data: standardized metrics as well as real-time signals and insights.

  • The Industry App (INDUS) View description

    The Industry App lets you explore industries and sectors and can provide a wealth of valuable information, from Performance Data to News and key Metrics. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Monitoring Estimates, Target Prices & Recommendations View description

    Thomson Reuters Eikon provides the most complete view of Estimates data, incorporating the industry leading depth and breadth of IBES Estimates Content. Watch this video to learn how to keep up to date with current Analyst Estimates, Target Prices and Recommendations.

  • Internal Publishing Tools View description

    With Thomson Reuters Eikon´s Internal Publishing Tools (PUBLISH) you can upload your own data such as research, estimates, recommendations and more onto the Eikon platform on a real-time basis. Share your proprietary data with other entitled users within your firm and seamlessly combine more in-house information with premium content sets such as Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S Estimates or research from brokers and independent providers.

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  • The New Total Return (TRTR) App - (03:20) View description

    Learn how to perform total return calculations and analyze P&L for multiple instruments with the new Total Return app (short code TRTR), by taking full control of calculation settings. Also discover what the MS Office add-in has to offer.

  • Brexit app - Understanding the impact of volatile markets - (03:04) View description

    The Eikon Brexit app provides key insight and analysis as well as a platform for navigating relevant applications, helping you better understand the impact on the markets.

  • Working with the Screener View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • Introduction to Screener
    • Using simple filters to create a screen
    • Applying Advanced Filters to a screen
    • Working with the Scatter Chart view more
    • Using Ownership Data in the Screener
    • Screener Quick Tips
    • Importing and Exporting
    • Working with templates

  • Overview of StarMine Buy-Side Quant Models - (06:57) View description

    If you'd like more information about StarMine Alpha Models, start here. In just 7 minutes, Stephen Malinak describes each of the StarMine Quant Models in Thomson Reuters Eikon.

  • The Interactive Income Statement - (05:05) View description

    Thomson Reuters Eikon’s Interactive Income Statement (IIS) allows you to conduct basic financial modeling and helps you better understand the dynamics of a company’s Income Statement. The model bridges the gap between past results and estimates of future performance. Take a look at more this video to learn more.

  • Using Ownership Data in the Screener - (04:18) View description

    Screener now lets you screen on ownership data and identify holdings positions from investors in public companies.

Spotlight on Content (4)

  • Monitoring Estimates, Target Prices & Recommendations View description

    Thomson Reuters Eikon provides the most complete view of Estimates data, incorporating the industry leading depth and breadth of IBES Estimates Content. Watch this video to learn how to keep up to date with current Analyst Estimates, Target Prices and Recommendations.

  • The Earnings Season App - (03:17) View description

    Keep up to date using the Earnings Season App to monitor the current Earnings Season. Identify trends at an aggregate level from companies that have already reported and see how they may impact companies yet to report.

  • Monitoring Global Fund Flows (FLOWS) - (05:20) View description

    Understand how you can utilise the Global Fund Flows (FlOWS) app in Thomson Reuters Eikon. Track global fund flows, historical Flow and Total Net Assets data. Easily produce coverage reports which can be shared with your colleagues and clients. [0:01] Introduction [0:31] How to access the more Global Fund Flows App [0:42] About the Home Page [1:10] The Global Fund Flows Map [1:39] The Reports Page [2:51] The Funds Page [3:21] Viewing Historical Flow & TNA Data [4:01] The Coverage Reports Page [4:51] Getting Help on the Global Fund Flows App [5:20] Total Course Time Global Fund Flows.pdf

  • Spotlight on Content: Ownership - (04:42) View description

    Thomson Reuters Ownership & Institutional Profiles content allows you to track the investment activity of key institutional investors and contact their key decision makers. Insider activity is also covered. Discover some of the key ways which this market leading content set is exposed in more Eikon and its add-in for Microsoft Office.

StarMine Models (8)

  • The StarMine Overview App - (03:48) View description

    The StarMine Overiew app is the best place to learn about the StarMine suite of quantitative/ analytical models. Rather than having to read through a long document use the overview to get a high-level understanding of how the models work. Learn how to identify in a instant regional performance more versus the benchmark by taking a look at the overall Model Performance. Watch this video to learn more.

  • StarMine: The Combined Credit Risk Model - (06:01) View description

    The StarMine Combined Credit Risk model (CRM) is a powerful tool that enables the evaluation of corporate credit risk. It intelligently combines the power of StarMine’s three credit risk models. Take a look at this video to understand the workings of the model and how it aids the more identification of companies worth investing in.

  • StarMine Price Momentum Model - (04:53) View description

    Price Momentum Models (PMO) rank stocks based on recent historical price performance. The models claim that information contained in past price changes can be used to predict future price changes. Watch this video to understand the workings of the StarMine Price Performance model and how it more can help you generate successful investment ideas.

  • StarMine: Screening for Short Selling Ideas - (04:15) View description

    In this video we will present you a unique screen (SCREENER) that can help you to find promising short selling ideas.

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  • The Intrinsic Valuation Model - (05:06) View description

    Learn how to access the Intrinsic Valuation Model (IV) within Thomson Reuters Eikon and analyze future projections for growth for the companies you are interested in. Compare proprietary model projections versus market-implied, as well as your own personally customized values. Total Running more Time 4:55

  • The Relative Valuation Model - (04:53) View description

    Thomson Reuters Eikon gives you access to number of valuable StarMine Models. The Relative Valuation Model (RV) enables you easily identify investment opportunities and the stocks that are better value and deliver better yields relative to their peers. Watch this video to learn more about the more benefits to you. 4:53

  • Earnings Quality Model - (06:18) View description

    The StarMine Earnings Quality Model (EQ) is closely tied to fundamentals and inputs in the financial statements. It enables you to measures the degree to which past earnings are reliable and are likely to persist. Watch this video to learn how to use the Earnings Quality Model. Total Running more Time 6:18

  • The Analyst Revisions Model - (04:49) View description

    The Analyst Revisions model (ARM) is a quantitative model incorporating revisions to the Estimates Mean values while accounting for current predicted surprises. It enables you to track changes in analyst sentiment and is highly predictive of relative price movement. In this On Demand video, more learn the key highlights of the model and how to use it. Total Running Time 4:51

News and Research (6)

Macroeconomics (5)

Performing Peer Analysis (3)

  • Analyzing Aggregates Data (AGGR) - (06:10) View description

    Do you want a top-down view of the market and to be able to easily analyze and identify stocks that fulfill your Investment requirements? 06:09

  • Monitoring Peers - (07:24) View description

    Use the company Peers view (PEERS) to look at major competitors across Sector, Index or define your own lists. View Peer comparison tables and key metrics to assist in idea generation and fundamental analysis.

  • Key Stats App - (04:25) View description

    The Key Stats app is a collection of key statistics of a company. It provides a current snapshot and assists you with bottom-up analysis, stock valuation and stock comparison for up to 4 stocks

Portfolio Analytics (9)

Fixed Income (3)

  • Fixed Income: The Essentials - (04:30) View description

    This video gives you a quick overview of essentials tools and content in Thomson Reuters Eikon - version 4 for the Fixed Income Market. Find out about our unrivalled Rates, Tradeweb and Credit screens, the newly integrated IFR Markets and Bond Holders services, more intuitive navigation and more much more.

  • Navigating the Fixed Income Markets - (04:36) View description

    Instantly navigate to anywhere using the new Eikon menu and the Search box. They are your gateway into a vast array of information and applications. Find out here how to search by name, coupon, maturity, partial code, ISIN and other market standard codes, as well as questions. If you would like more to use more complex search criteria also learn more about the Advanced Search (GOVSRCH).

  • Discover Rates Views - (06:01) View description

    Rates Views (RV) provides comprehensive rates prices and related spread data for cash, derivative and future products. A suite of calculated spreads provides visibility on trade flow across G40+ markets and you can spot investment opportunities with intuitive charting. Tradeweb is fully more integrated along with pop out screens to fully customize the Rates Views experience. NEW: We have now integrated new visualizers in the Carry&RollDown tab. Watch this video now to find out more! Total Running Time 6:01

Technical Analysis (3)

  • The Technical Analysis Chart App - (02:56) View description

    The Technical Analysis Chart App allows you to apply various analyses to the instruments you monitor with intuitive collaboration tools. Discover how to access and use this powerful charting application.

  • The Signal App - (03:33) View description

    The Signal App (SIGNAL) allows you to monitor in real-time a universe of securities against a set of technical criteria, and be alerted when any of the conditions are met. Select from a list of over 150 predefined signals or create your own using the Custom Signal Editor. Watch this short more video to find out how.

  • The Relative Rotation Graph (RRG) App - (03:13) View description

    Available in Thomson Reuters Eikon - Version 3.3 and later, the Relative Rotation Graph provides a visual presentation of how a group of securities (or sectors) are performing relative to a benchmark. If you are a trader or investment analyst then make the RRG a key piece in your investment more research puzzle.

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