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Key Benefits for Equity Markets (1)

  • Discover the Key Benefits of Thomson Reuters Eikon for the Equity Market
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
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    Thomson Reuters Eikon combines innovative and intuitive functionality in offering wide variety of data, news, pre-defined views and analytics covering all equity related instruments. Discover how to navigate through Thomson Reuters Eikons equity content, create your own customized screens and more learn how you can get the most from new integrated features and functionality. Course outline: - Overview of key benefits of Thomson Reuters Eikon for the Equity market - Searching for data, news and key tools - Monitoring and analyzing Equity data:Pre-built displays ,Flex Documents,Quote List Object, Linking Objects - Accessing trading applications - Accessing Reuters award-winning news and Reuters Insider TV - Connecting to Equity communities - Summary

Market Analysis: Tools and Data (5)

  • The Expert's Corner: Tracking Earnings in Eikon - (03:20) View description

    Meet Greg Harrison, Senior Research Analyst at Thomson Reuters. Find out how he uses Eikon to view earnings estimates, plot growth trends, and analyze historical earnings surprises. Discover the SmartEstimate which weights analyst predictions based on past performance.

  • Convertible Bond Analysis View description

    This course includes the following topics:

    • An Overview of Convertible Bonds in Eikon
    • The Convertible Bond View (CNV)
    • An Introduction to the Convertible Bond Calculator (CONV) more
    • The Convertible Bond Calculator: Pricing

  • Discover the Uniqueness of Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S Estimates - (04:01) View description

    In this video, learn about Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S, with 40 years of experience, is the highest quality provider and industry standard for analyst forecasts. Total running time: 4:01

  • Getting the Most from News
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
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    Thomson Reuters Eikon provides easy access to market-leading real-time and historical news from Reuters as well historical news from over 550 newspapers and periodicals. It’s easily tailored to your needs and displayed in text, picture and on-demand video. Course outline: - Accessing more real-time news - Accessing historical news - Accessing Reuters Insider TV - Getting help and further information - Summary / Q&A

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  • How do I access, monitor and analyze Macro Economic data?
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
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    In todays markets it is essential to stay informed at all times. With Thomson Reuters Eikon you can easily gather relevant economic data and information in one single, customizable display. Discover how to navigate and customize the Economic pre-built displays as well as search for key economic more data. Course outline: - My Economic Diary - Economic Indicator Quick Chart - Indicator details at a glance - Comparing indicators across countries - News and events - Display real time economic data in Flex documents - Getting help and further information - Summary / Q&A

Focus on Derivatives (2)

  • The Option Pricer (OPR) App View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • Option Pricer: An Introduction (01:39)
    • Access the Option Pricer App (01:59)
    • Master the Option Pricer Interface (03:11)
    • Analyze a Delta Hedge using Option Pricer (01:58) more
    • Analyze a Strangle Strategy using Option Pricer (01:12)
    • Analyze a Vertical Spread on Futures using Option Pricer (01:46)

  • The Option Watch (OPW) App View description

    The Option Watch App displays options contracts on a specified underlying asset. That being an equity, index, or a futures contract. Create filters to easily customize the list of options displayed on a variety of Exchange Traded Instruments, where they have associated Exchange Traded Options more available. Watch this video to learn how to view your required options, customize and filter your Option search, and link to other Eikon Apps such as the Option Pricer or Financial Charts

Trading (1)

Focus on Technical Analysis (2)

  • Using Technical Analysis Quick Charts - (02:57) View description

    The Technical Analysis Quick chart allows you to apply various analyses to the instruments you monitor with intuitive collaboration tools. Discover how to access and use this powerful charting application. Total Running Time 2:57

  • How Do I Analyze Data Using Charts?
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
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    Thomson Reuters Eikon’s easy-to-use charting applications combines comprehensive real-time and historical data with a sophisticated suite of analyses and trend recognition tools for performing advanced technical analysis. Course outline: - Charting using Home Page - Customizable more Charts - Quick Charts - Adding Analyses - Sending Commentaries - Exporting Charts to Excel

Tools and data in Eikon Excel (1)

  • Using Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
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    Fast and reliable pricing and valuation capabilities are central to a trader’s daily business. With Thomson Reuters Eikon you have access to a suite of powerful, ready-to-use calculators, a library of market-standard financial functions and highly sophisticated Excel capabilities. Learn more how to convert your existing sheets and easily integrate Thomson Reuters and 3rd party data into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Course outline: - Accessing Thomson Reuters Eikon for Excel - Converting Spreadsheets - Dragging and Dropping - Retrieving Real-time data - Retrieving Reference data - Adfin functions