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Key Benefits for Corporate Treasury (1)

  • Key Benefits of Thomson Reuters Eikon for FX Markets View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • About the Home Page (1:18)
    • Access the FX Asset Class Overview (1:58)
    • Search for FX Data (2:24)
    • Search for FX Related News (1:42) more
    • Access Market Data and Analysis Tools (3:13)
    • Access the Economic Monitor and Open My Economic Diary (1:44)
    • About FX and Money Views (2:36)
    • Create and Customize Flex Documents (2:46)
    • Create an FX Chart (0:30)
    • About the FX Forecasts Chart (1:22)
    • Using Calculators to Analyze FX Data (2:45)
    • Using Messenger to Stay in Touch (1:22)

Stay on Top of the Markets & Macro-economic Events (3)

Manage FX Exposure & Operations (6)

  • Price FX Options View description

    The FX Options calculator(FXOC) in Thomson Reuters Eikon allows you to price vanilla and exotic options as well as multi-leg strategies, using sophisticated algorithms and high quality market data. This brief module explores the FX Options calculator and discusses basic and advanced functionality.

  • Discover the FX Options Matrix - (03:50) View description

    The FX Options Matrix is a flexible, configurable display of FX options related data, including ATM, risk reversal, butterfly and realized volatility data, and user-defined spreads. FX Options Matrix lets you choose exactly which FX options related data you want to see, including spreads more calculated from any of the data. You can choose up to eight types of data or spreads and keep these settings as you look at different currencies.

  • Track FX Polls - (03:20) View description

    FX Poll Views offers valuable insight into market sentiment. Now including Smart Estimates. Learn how to access and use this key tool.

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  • Swap Points and Outrights Calculator View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • Opening the Swap Points and Outrights Calculator (3:08)
    • Modifying Currency Sources and Customizing Parameters (2:46)
    • Using IMM-Dated Contributions (1:49) more
    • Holidays and Currency Calendars (1:35)
    • Working with Standard Periods (1:18)
    • Calculating Short Period Swap Points from Deposit Rates (1:19)
    • Working with Broken Dates (1:41)
    • Calculating Forward Forwards (1:07)
    • Open the FX/MM Curve Calculator (2:23)
    • Opening Deposit Analysis (1:46)

  • How Can I Easily Access Forecasts and Polls Using Thomson Reuters Eikon?
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    Thomson Reuters Eikon provides access to forecasts on foreign exchange, money market and central bank rates and economic indicators. These forecasts are based on periodic polls of major banks and institutions conducted by Reuters News. Join this session to learn how to access a wide variety of more pages, overviews and news covering FX & MM Polls. Course outline: - FX Content Explorer - FX Polls Overview screen - FX Forecast charts – in pre-built screens and Quick Charts - FX Forecast charts in the Chart Object - FX Forecasts and Poll in Reuters News & Reuters Insider

Manage Short Term Funding & Interest Rate Exposure (2)

  • Discover Rates Views - (07:11) View description

    Rates Views (RV) provides comprehensive rates prices and related spread data for cash, derivative and future products. A suite of calculated spreads provides visibility on trade flow across G40+ markets and you can spot investment opportunities with intuitive charting. Tradeweb is fully more integrated along with pop out screens to fully customize the Rates Views experience. NEW: We have now integrated new visualizers in the Carry&RollDown tab. Watch this video now to find out more! Total Running Time 6:01

  • Build your own Zero Coupon Curve View description

    In this module you will learn how to:

    • Find and open the Zero Coupon Builder (1:08)
    • Add the Zero Coupon Builder to a Flex Document (1:04)
    • Selecting Instruments for a Curve (2:16)
    • Setting Calculation Parameters in the Zero Coupon Builder (1:57) more
    • Viewing the Zero Coupon Curve Chart (1:15)
    • Saving a Zero Curve (0:51)
    • Retrieving a Saved Zero Curve (0:38)

Performing Long Term Funding & Peer Analysis (6)

  • Accessing Government Auctions and Bond Prices - (04:08) View description

    Discover the Government Bond auctions and prices tabs which offer government auction results, schedules and news as well as streaming prices. Total Running Time 4:08

  • Discover the Curve Quick Chart - (03:24) View description

    Discover the Curve Quick Chart. It allows you to create, view and compare curves quickly. Total Running Time 3:42

  • Customizing the Company Overview - (03:26) View description

    When viewing company specific information within Thomson Reuters Eikon a good place to start is the Company Overview. It is highly customizable, making sure that you have all the facts and figures you may need at a glance. Learn how you can customize the Company Overview page. Total Running more Time 4:49

  • Monitoring Peers - (07:24) View description

    Use the company Peers view (PEERS) to look at major competitors across Sector, Index or define your own lists. View Peer comparison tables and key metrics to assist in idea generation and fundamental analysis.

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  • The Interactive Income Statement - (05:05) View description

    Thomson Reuters Eikon’s Interactive Income Statement (IIS) allows you to conduct basic financial modeling and helps you better understand the dynamics of a company’s Income Statement. The model bridges the gap between past results and estimates of future performance. Take a look at more this video to learn more.

  • Using the Swap Curve Monitor - (05:25) View description

    The Swap Curve Monitor (SWCM) focuses on the entire interest rate swap curve. This introduces new possibilities for trading and pricing various swap curves, including Curve Spreads, Butterfly Spreads and Forward Starting Swaps. This updated version of the video brings a new focus on Carry and more Roll Down. Total Running Time 5:21

Understand Market Activity and Your Exposure in Any Asset Class (1)

  • Credit Default Swap Calculator View description

    The Credit Default Swap calculator (CDSV) provides CDS Single Names and Indices calculation for Fixed Income users. This module demonstrates:

    • Starting the Credit Default Swap Calculator (0:53)
    • Searching for Instruments in the CDS Calculator (1:47) more
    • Searching for Indices in the CDS Calculator (1:55)
    • About ISDA Standard Mode (2:08)
    • Pricing a Deal in ISDA Mode (3:04)
    • Marking to Market Using CDS Calculator (1:24)
    • Bond Valuation from the CDS Calculator (2:02)
    • Changing to CDS Par (1:15)
    • Using Full Mode in the CDS Calculator (0:56)