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FX Power Tips (1)

News & Commentary (2)

  • Monitor Global Market News with IFR Markets - (04:28) View description

    IFR Markets is now a fully integrated product in Thomson Reuters Eikon and is relied on by industry professionals around the globe, 24 hours a day. Find out here why you should access it today, how to access News and Data for Rates, Credit and Foreign Exchange, as well as how to set up Alerts. more Total running time 4:36

  • Getting the Most from News
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    Thomson Reuters Eikon provides easy access to market-leading real-time and historical news from Reuters as well historical news from over 550 newspapers and periodicals. It’s easily tailored to your needs and displayed in text, picture and on-demand video. Course outline: - Accessing more real-time news - Accessing historical news - Accessing Reuters Insider TV - Getting help and further information - Summary / Q&A

Get a Market Overview (3)

  • Monitoring Economic Events - (03:27) View description

    Keep up-to-date with Economic events in real-time, historically and looking forward. Learn how to add events to your calendar, for future reference. Total Running Time 3:27

  • How Can I Easily Access Forecasts and Polls Using Thomson Reuters Eikon?
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    Thomson Reuters Eikon provides access to forecasts on foreign exchange, money market and central bank rates and economic indicators. These forecasts are based on periodic polls of major banks and institutions conducted by Reuters News. Join this session to learn how to access a wide variety of more pages, overviews and news covering FX & MM Polls. Course outline: - FX Content Explorer - FX Polls Overview screen - FX Forecast charts – in pre-built screens and Quick Charts - FX Forecast charts in the Chart Object - FX Forecasts and Poll in Reuters News & Reuters Insider

  • How do I access, monitor and analyze Macro Economic data?
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    In todays markets it is essential to stay informed at all times. With Thomson Reuters Eikon you can easily gather relevant economic data and information in one single, customizable display. Discover how to navigate and customize the Economic pre-built displays as well as search for key economic more data. Course outline: - My Economic Diary - Economic Indicator Quick Chart - Indicator details at a glance - Comparing indicators across countries - News and events - Display real time economic data in Flex documents - Getting help and further information - Summary / Q&A

Focus on Spot (4)

Focus On FX Options (2)

  • FX Volatility Explorer - (06:07) View description

    The FX Volatility Explorer(FXVE) provides essential tools for visualization and analysis of the FX volatility surface for one currency pair.

  • Price FX Options View description

    The FX Options calculator(FXOC) in Thomson Reuters Eikon allows you to price vanilla and exotic options as well as multi-leg strategies, using sophisticated algorithms and high quality market data. This brief module explores the FX Options calculator and discusses basic and advanced functionality.

Focus on Deposits, Forwards and Futures (1)

  • Swap Points and Outrights Calculator View description

    This module includes the following topics:

    • Opening the Swap Points and Outrights Calculator (3:08)
    • Modifying Currency Sources and Customizing Parameters (2:46)
    • Using IMM-Dated Contributions (1:49) more
    • Holidays and Currency Calendars (1:35)
    • Working with Standard Periods (1:18)
    • Calculating Short Period Swap Points from Deposit Rates (1:19)
    • Working with Broken Dates (1:41)
    • Calculating Forward Forwards (1:07)
    • Open the FX/MM Curve Calculator (2:23)
    • Opening Deposit Analysis (1:46)

Focus on Curves and Spreads (1)

  • Yield Curves: easily chart, customize and compare in Thomson Reuters Eikon
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    Join this session to learn how Thomson Reuters Eikon intuitively enables you to monitor yield curves by viewing pre-defined or customizable curves in a powerful charting display and exporting & updating in the Thomson Reuters Excel add-in. Course outline: - Viewing curves graphs in the more Money Markets and Fixed Income content explorers - Viewing yield curves in the Curve Quick Chart - Plotting curves in the customizable Chart Object - Creating and viewing custom curves - Exporting curve data to Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel - Summary

Monitor Central Banks (1)