Astec Short Interest

Short interest data has gone from being limited and out of date to global and current, allowing users to gauge investor sentiment in securities across the globe. Insight into the short side of the market gives users invaluable access to trade and valuation indicators, which can improve their decision making and enhance their bottom line. 

  • More than 2.5 million trades a day, totalling more than $1.6 trillion outstanding in over 45,000 equities, bonds and ETFs.
  • Inventory data from more than 68,000 lender portfolios totals around $10 trillion in availability.
  • Volume and fee data, current and historic to show trends and speed of change.
  • Analytics such as days to cover and utilization values, helping users identify opportunities and risks.
  • Charting and heatmaps for comparative analytics, such as within the industry sector to help identify outliers.

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