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Thomson ONE Wealth Tools (9)

  • Thomson ONE Wealth Management: MRT Model Manager View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • Searching for a Model (1:31)
    • Creating a Custom Model (7:01)
    • Editing and Sharing a Model (2:20)
    • Copying a Model (1:53) more
    • Associate a Security Model to an Asset Class Model (1:44)
    • Navigating the Accounts List Page (2:42)
    • Attach Accounts to a Model (3:19)

  • MRT: The Household Component View description

    This course includes the following topics:

    • Recent Contacts (0:84)
    • Household Search (1:51)
    • Create a Prospect (1:35)
    • The Household Profile Page (4:16) more
    • Add an External Account to a Household (1:44)
    • The Proposals Tab (1:34)

  • Thomson ONE Wealth Management Tools: Proposal Generation View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • Video Introduction (0:51)
    • Creating a Proposal (7:24)
    • Warnings (1:29)
    • Account Level Construction (2:22) more
    • Placeholder Accounts (1:01)
    • Creating an Aggregate Construction (2:36)
    • How to Create an External Account (3:53)
    • How to Use the Investment Program (3:08)

  • Getting Started with Thomson One Wealth Management Tools
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    Thomson ONEs Wealth Management tools offer a depth of profiling information for the Investment Professional. Allowing you to provide quality analysis and recommendations, monitor client invetsment profiles, produce quality client reports.From this course you will be able to succesfully navigate more Thomson One Wealth Management, set your user preferences and settings for Asset Class, Estate and Insurance, monitor portfolios and perform Contact Searches. Course outline: - How do I navigate Thomson ONE Wealth Management Tools? - Easily set up your User Preferences - Define your Household Settings - How do I perform a Contact Search? - How to use Portfolio Manager - How do I get further Help or Training?

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  • Maintain your Client Investment Profiles using the Asset Allocation module
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    Thomson ONEs Asset Allocation module offers Investment Professionals a step-by-step workflow to determine a clients investment profile, then make recommendations and adjustments to develop a personalized, in-depth Allocation Plan. Investment Professionals can develop these plans for a single more portfolio or multiple accounts under management.This course will allow you to quickly assess your clientsinvestment profile, develop an allocation plan for one or multiple accounts, customize each Allocation Plan with personalized recommendations and create an Implementation Plan. Course outline: - Familiarize yourself with the key benefits of Asset Allocation - Create a Personal Investment Plan - Learn how to create a Recommendation and modify the required criteria - How to create an Implementation plan and produce Client Reports - How to get help on Asset Allocation and other components of Thomson ONE Wealth Management tools?

  • Successfully Monitor your Book of Business with Thomson ONEs Book Management Module
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    Book Management is a tool with Thomson ONE Wealth Management that enables you to monitor your book of business quickly, efficiently and effectively. By the end of this course you will be able to Generate New Business, identify Assets in your book that need to be re-allocated, monitor what parts more of your book are most susceptible to adverse market conditions. Allowing you to quickly contact clients whose market value has decreased due to market conditions or asset withdrawal Course outline: - Key Benefits of Book Management - Book Management Overview - How to query your Book of Business - How do you customize Book Management? - Where do I get Help for Thomson ONE Wealth Management Tools?

  • Produce clear and concise Client Reports using the Client Review Tool
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    Thomson ONEs Client Review Module allows you easily produce Client Planning Wealth Mangement reports. It is a summary document that can touch all aspects of the client portfolio and acts as a focul point for the Investment Professional when discussing investments with the client. After this more course you will be able to create highly customizable reports focused on key areas of an account, financial plan or Portfolio composition. Therefore providing the most value and relevancy to the client. Course outline: - Understand the Key Benefits of the Client Review Report - How do I access the Client Review Report tool? - How do I successfully create a Client Review Report? - Understand the content included in the Client Review Report - How to create a Client Net Worth Report - How do I access Help and further learning?

  • Setting Investment Goals through the use of the Financial Planning Module
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    Thomson ONEs Financial Planning Module offers investment professionals a step-by-step workflow to help determine and prioritize a clients future financial goals. Using the information provided the system will predict the probability of plan success. You can also put together alternate plans more with different goals, asset allocation, or contributions to represent different future scenarios. By the end of this course you will be able to use Financial Planning to acheive these results. Course outline: - The Key Benefits of Financial Planning - How do I create a Financial Plan? - Successfully use Estate and Insurance Analysis - Use Model Alternatives and Action Items to assist in analyzing the probability of plan success - Further Help and Training

  • Achieve Powerful Performance Analysis with the Performance Reporting Tool
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    Investment Professionals today require timely and accurate performance reports. Thomson ONEs Performance Reporting Module allows you to differentiate yourself through the generation of straight forward and professional performance reports, provided through the use of advanced reporting more capabilities. It allows you to gain valuable insights into your investment decisions. In this course you will be able to successfully create reports on an Account or Household level. Course outline: - Key benefits of Thomson ONE Performance Reporting - How do I access the Performance Reporting display? - Effectively use Performance Report Generation - How to get help or further training on Performance Reporting and the Thomson ONE platform

InvestmentView (2)

Investment Calculators (1)

  • Thomson ONE Wealth Tools: InvestmentView Calculators View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • The Retirement Calculator (6:10)
    • The College Calculator (6:10)
    • The Goal Calculator (2:50)
    • The Future Present Value Calculator (3:00) more
    • The Tax Free Equivalent Yield Calculator (1:50)
    • The 72t Calculator (2:40)
    • The RMD Calculator (2:30)
    • Changing Your Calculator Preferences (5:50)
    • Working with Saved Plans (1:10)