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World-Check One (10)

Enterprise Risk Manager (1)

Regulatory Change Management (1)

Screening Resolution Service (1)

  • Thomson Reuters Screening Resolution Service - (04:54) View description

    Thomson Reuters Screening Resolution Service (SRS) is used by organizations to conduct screening due diligence on their behalf. Using World-Check, our leading database of heightened-risk individuals and entities, Thomson Reuters screens clients and third parties to highlight positive and more possible matches that may require further scrutiny. In this video, we’ll show you an example of the SRS process.

Org ID (2)

Enhanced Due Diligence Reports (2)

Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence (3)

Thomson Reuters Compliance Learning (1)

Screening Deployed (2)

Compliance Complete (2)

Capitol Watch (1)

  • Getting Started with Capitol Watch View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • Key Benefits of Capitol Watch (2:09)
    • Searching for Bills and Regulations (2:06)
    • Browsing Bills and Regulations by Topic (1:25)
    • Viewing Your Search Results (2:47) more
    • Monitoring Bills and Regulations (0:51)
    • Tracking Bills and Regulations (2:22)
    • Reporting (2:13)

Conflicts Compliance (3)

Thomson Reuters FATCA (2)

Audit Manager (1)

Client Onboarding (1)

  • Thomson Reuters: Redefining Client Onboarding - (05:08) View description

    Thomson Reuters Client Onboarding is a software solution that enables compliant and automated on-boarding of new clients and on-going refresh cycles. We empower financial institutions to streamline their customer’s on-boarding processes with confidence, combining out-of-the-box more functionality with best practice Know Your Customer (KYC) policy definitions and client data models. Total Running Time: 5:08