• My Account: License Management - (06:32) View description

    We’re making it easier to do business with us by giving you the visibility and control you need to better manage your Eikon Licenses users online. This new self-service capability lets you manage new, already purchased Eikon licenses.

  • Licence Management - Quick Reference Guide (PDF) View description

    This quick guide covers the following topics: create users; maintain user details; order new licences for products and exchanges; allocate licences to users; swap licences between users; move licences and users to different location accounts; unsubscribe licences.

  • Using the DocuSign Electronic Signature - (3:00) View description

    To make things quicker and easier, any changes to your services that require a signed order form can be done using the Docusign Electronic Signature. This video shows you how it works.

  • Access Statement Process Overview - (05:01) View description

    Thomson Reuters is introducing a new way to manage the Datafeed Access Declaration (or Dad). This includes automation and working online via My Account. While The current DAD is used for you to declare entitlements for both Eikon and other Enterprise application, the future model will separate more these into different work flows. This video will show you how the new Access Statement will work.

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  • Managing Eikon Users with License Management View description

    License Management allows you to manage your own users online and control their access to products and services. Short individual modules cover the following topics:

    • Assign a License
    • Assign Bulk licenses more
    • Assign a License by Copying from another User
    • Assign a Custom Template
    • Move unassigned Licenses
    • Unsubscribe Licenses
    • Order new Licenses
    • Track your License Order
    • Create and maintain an Assignment Template
    • Change the Billing Account
    • View Pricing and Terms of License

  • My Account Managing your users flyer View description

    See the key features of user management accessed from My Account

  • My Account Access Statement Flyer (PDF) View description

    Read about a simplified way of managing your billing for datafeed accesses.