• Customize Datastream Chart Settings View description

    This module covers the following topics:

    • Changing Chart Settings (03:05)
    • Customizing Chart Legends (01:26)
    • Customizing Chart Axes (01:32)
    • Changing a Locked Setting (01:28)

  • Using Chart Styles to Customize Datastream Charts View description

    This module includes the following topics.

    • Create a New Chart Style (04:35)
    • Apply a Style to a Chart (01:30)
    • Apply a Style to Multiple Charts (01:05)
    • Editing Several Charts at once (01:35) more
    • Setting a Default Style (01:17)
    • Using Transparency Settings on a Chart (02:10)
    • Change a Locked Setting (01:18)
    • Save a Change to an Existing Style (01:34)
    • Apply Datastream Styles to Charts in Excel (01:16)

  • Creating Datastream Charts for a List or Index View description

    This module covers the following topics:

    • Create and Save a Template (3:56)
    • Export a Template to Microsoft Office (1:03)
    • Running a Template from the Library (2:06)
    • Editing a Template (1:16) more
    • Exercise: Convert a Chart to a Template and Change a Data Series (1:16)

  • Using Fathom Charts in Datastream Charting - (03:57) View description

    Thomson Reuters has teamed up with Fathom Consulting to offer Datastream customers access to Fathom’s analytical content through a new library of Fathom charts.