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Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP): Advanced Features and Capabilities Part 1

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RMDS - Reuters Market Data System
Market Sector:
Cross Market
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Target Audience:
This course is designed for system engineers who require advanced troubleshooting skills and will be involved in the installation of multi-site TREP-RT systems.
Course Description:


The course explores the capabilities of the Advanced distribution Hub and Server components and will include sections on configuration, monitoring and maintenance through the use of hands on exercises. Participants will learn how to use advanced troubleshooting tools through the use of protocol traces and message analysis. This course also covers cascading components of TREP RT, plus the configuration of DACS components in a cascaded scenario.

The training is based on TREP version 2.6

What the course does not cover:

- TREP-RT Premium multi-threading features or performance tuning.


- Completed TREP: Concepts, Installation and Maintenance course or already be competent at installing and configuring basic TREP components

Cost: $3,450.000 USD, per participant.

Duration: 3 Days

US Client Technical Training
Jayshri Saparia
Tel: +44(020) 75422268
Email: jayshri.saparia@thomsonreuters.com

  • Troubleshooting Tools Advanced

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