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The Thomson.ONE Investment Banking certification comprises of the following three modules:
  • Foundation
  • Deals
  • Research

All the answers to the ThomsonONE.com Investment Banking certification can be found in the study materials below.


Foundation (4)

  • Getting Started with T1.com Investment Banking View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • Navigating the ThomsonONE.com Home Page (3:36)
    • Overviews of the Market Views Group (3:03)
    • Deals Activity within Market Views (2:39)
    • Customizing the Market Monitor (3:57) more
    • Finding Aggregate Estimates (4:16)
    • Introduction to Company Views (5:21)
    • Introduction to Watchlist Views (3.28)
    • Creating a Watchlist (4.09)

  • Creating Global Watchlist Views - (04:47) View description

    Learn to use the Watchlist View tool. This key feature allows you to create a list of companies to track and access news, research, dealings, events and filings associated with them. Total Running Time 4:47

  • Discover the Navigator Search Tool - (03:08) View description

    Learn to use the Navigator which is a significantly improved search tool helping you quickly find information in Thomson ONE to generate ideas and written proposals on deal making, distinguishing your firm from your competitors. Navigator will help ensure Thomson is your one-stop helping you more easily find all the content and data you require. Total Running Time: 3:08

  • Creating a Watchlist with Navigator - (04:19) View description

    Creating a Watchlist has never been easier using the Navigator Search Tool. Total Running Time: 4:19

Deals (2)

  • Getting Started: Deals View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • Introducing the Deals Module (1:30)
    • Navigating the Deals Menus (6:10)
    • The Overview Pages (1:10)
    • The Recent Deals Pages (2:40) more
    • The League Tables Pages (1:30)
    • Working with M&A League Tables (1:40)
    • Using the Volume Trends Pages (1:30)
    • M&A Tearsheets (1:00)
    • Equity Tearsheets (1:10)
    • Bond Tearsheets (1:20)
    • Loan Tearsheets (1:10)
    • Project Finance Tearsheets (1:00)

  • Getting Started: Deals Advanced Search View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • Conducting an Advanced Search (2:16)
    • Exploring Your Search Results (2:08)
    • Saving Your Search Results (2:16)
    • Customizing a Search Item (3:07) more
    • Customizing a Report (3:43)
    • Customizing League Table Rankings (2:43)
    • Customizing an Analysis (2:57)
    • M&A Advanced Search (1:34)
    • Equity Advanced Search (2:08)
    • Bond Advanced Search (1:39)
    • Loan Advanced Search (2:27)

Research (2)

  • Getting Started: Research View description

    In this course you'll learn how locate research information within Thomson ONE Investment Banking. This course covers the following topics:

    • Using the Basic Search Tool (2:08)
    • Conduct an Advanced Search (4:21) more
    • Research in the Watchlist Views (2:04)

  • Intro to Research Alerts - (03:59) View description

    Learn to use the flexible Research Alert tool included in Thomson ONE.com which will allow you to stay abreast of critical research reports based on your set criteria. Total Running Time 3:59