Thomson ONE for Corporate Business Intelligence (17)

  • Intro to for Business Intelligence
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description is a web platform that combines institutional-quality information from across Thomson Reuters, with proprietary analytics to deliver intelligent and actionable insight. It helps streamline your research capabilities and execute your company’s growth strategy through more analytical tools which are powered by comprehensive research, news, deals information and more. This course is designed to enable you to easily navigate through to find market, industry and company information. Course outline: - Use the navigation tools to efficiently navigate through - Identify the functionality and data sets available in each group - Customize by creating watchlists, alerts, charts and saved searches - Use created watchlists to obtain related activity including news, research, deals, events, estimates, filings and pricing data.

  • Thomson ONE Enhanced Research Pages View description

    • Adding the Enhanced Research Search Pages to Your Workspace (1:25)
    • Conduct a Research Search (2:26)
    • Conduct an Advanced Research Search (3:25) more
    • Research in the Watchlist Views (2:15)

  • Getting Started with Thomson Reuters for Microsoft® Office View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • Introduction
    • Searching for Data with Navigator
    • Use the Data Picker
    • Use the Data Picker to Find Detailed Company Data more
    • Add Hyperlinks to Financial Data
    • Use the Data Picker to Find Information on Equity Indices
    • Creating a List
    • Introduction to Datastream Charting
    • The Datastream Conversion Wizard
    • Access the Datastream Expression Builder
    • The Template Library
    • Run a Screen for Companies
    • Viewing Screening Results

  • Thomson Reuters for Microsoft® Office: Deals Workflow View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • Deals Screening
    • Viewing Screening Results
    • Create a Custom League Table
    • Volume Analysis more
    • Expression Builder
    • Aggregate Builder
    • Linking

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  • Getting Started with TRSL (Thomson Reuters Spreadsheet Link) View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • Installing TRSL (1:02)
    • Launching TRSL (1:26)
    • The Basics of Data Item Lookup (6:12)
    • Company Descriptive Information (2:55) more
    • Locating Basic Pricing and Performance Data (5:10)
    • Exporting a Time Series of Prices (2:05)
    • Retrieving Company Fundamentals (3:11)
    • Retrieving Current Estimates (3:07)
    • Retrieving Historical Estimates (1:51)
    • Advanced Estimates Lookup (3:52)

  • Advanced Features in TRSL View description

    This course covers the following topics:

    • Constituents Lookup (1:37)
    • Using the Screening Tool (2:10)
    • Adding a Fundamental Analysis to Search Results (2:25)
    • Saving Your Search Results as a Watchlist (1:58) more
    • Building a Ratio (3:02)
    • Using the Aggregate Builder (2:14)
    • Creating a Custom Expression (1:51)
    • Template Lookup (1:58)

  • Thomson Reuters for Microsoft® Office - (03:59) View description

    Discover the next generation of analytical and presentation tools, streamlining your daily workflow by allowing you to perform all of your crucial tasks without leaving Microsoft Office. This Add-In is available with a number of Thomson Reuters Products including Thomson Reuters Advanced more Analytics, Datastream Professional, Thomson ONE Research Analyst and Thomson ONE Corporate Development. Total Running Time 3:59

  • Key Benefits of Datastream for Corporate Business Intelligence - (02:50) View description

    In this video explore Datastream which is the world’s largest and most respected financial database. It´s unparalleled breadth and depth covers a broad range of financial instruments including unique content sets that cannot be found elsewhere and history going back as far as 1950 more for some series. Total Running Time: 2:50

  • Creating a Watchlist with Navigator - (04:19) View description

    Creating a Watchlist has never been easier using the Navigator Search Tool. Total Running Time 4:19

  • Thomson Reuters for Microsoft Office - (03:37) View description

    Explore the powerful combination of Analytical tools and world class content available in Thomson Reuters for Microsoft Office. Total Running Time: 3:37

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  • Discover the Navigator Search Tool - (03:08) View description

    Learn to use the Navigator which is a significantly improved search tool helping you quickly find information in Thomson ONE to generate ideas and written proposals on deal making, distinguishing your firm from your competitors. Navigator will help ensure Thomson is your one-stop helping you more easily find all the content and data you require. Total Running Time: 3:08

  • Tracking News on the Eurozone Crisis - (03:48) View description

    Your Thomson Reuters products provide you multiple news tools to access indispensible sources of news and insight focused on the global financial community. These tools are key to helping you keep on top of the latest developments in the Eurozone crisis. Total Running Time: 3:48

  • Setting General and Event Alerts - (01:55) View description

    This short video will show you how to set up general or corporate event alerts in Thomson Total Running Time: 1:55

  • Using the Companion Tool - (05:10) View description

    Thomson Reuters recently enhanced Companion Tool quickly integrates Thomson ONE’s market leading financial data with any website giving you instant access to premium reports, financials and news regardless of which website you are visiting. [0:01] Introduction [0:58] Install the more Companion Tool [2:11] Benefits of the Companion Tool [2:39] View Company Stock Price Activity [3:11] Additional Content Sets [4:17] Develop a Peer Group Within Niche Businesses Total Course Time 5:10

  • News In Thomson Reuters Products - Key Benefits - (03:41) View description

    Explore the power of Reuters News and a few key tools available within Thomson ONE. This video will help you learn how to go beyond the facts, and gain insight from specialized reporters and editors as well as leading market and industry experts. Total Running Time 3:41

  • Global M&A Data - (04:41) View description

    Watch this video to explore the in depth and timely M&A data included in Thomson Reuters Deals content includes market overviews, league tables, and volume trends. Total Running Time 4:42

  • Guide to Using Reuters Insider - (03:47) View description

    Reuters Insider is our new single source for financial multimedia content. Learn to use this innovative video player within which allows you to go beyond the headlines and access live and on-demand in depth analysis. Total Running Time:3:27

Thomson ONE Corporate Insight (1)

  • Introduction to Thomson ONE Corporate Insight
    Scheduled Expert Led Training
    View description

    Thomson ONE Corporate Insight is a web platform that allows you to gather valuable and unique information on your peers or industry. It helps streamline your research capabilities by viewing comprehensive broker reports and market research. It also allows you to track global industry news and more significant developments and provides easy access to company filings. This course is designed to enable you to easily navigate through to find market, industry and company information. Course outline: - How to use the Navigation buttons and Entity Manager - How to use the Company group to find in-depth company specific information - How to use the Search group to screen for research reports and news across the market - How to use Watchlists to create a list of companies and find related information - How to set up alerts - Getting help and further information - Summary / Q&A